I’m Too Busy To Even Write This Post

If you talk to me during the semester, you will probably hear me talk about how busy I am (students are unappreciative of such talk, not surprisingly).  Even in the summer (you know, when we don’t work), I have a list of things I could be doing right now instead of writing this post because, you know, I’m just so busy.

Allison Vaillancourt talks about this problem (talking about being busy, not actually being busy) in her post from last month called “Let’s Banish Busyness.”  She’s not in favor of not doing work, just not complaining about it all the time.  In fact, she and some friends have stopped using the term.

We have to make teaching goals every year that we submit up through out department chair and on to our Dean and beyond.  There’s no way I can list this as an official goal, but it will be one of my unofficial ones.  I’m going not to talk about how busy I am, at least for this semester, but hopefully from now on.  Instead, I hope to use language like one of Vaillancourt’s friends, who says, “I am doing more than I ever dreamed possible.”  I might not be that optimistic, but I am at least trying to say something like, “I’m doing so many things I’ve always wanted to do.”  That much is definitely true.


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