A Few Articles From the Previous Week

“What Do You Do on the First Day of Class” — lots of people have posts about the first day of class right now, so here’s one that links to several others; what really struck me, though, was his comment, “It made the exercise more fun, and it also gave me some insight into what kids these days are into. It never hurts for a teacher to be aware of that.”  I’ve wondered a good deal about this, and, at least right now, I’m not sure it’s true.  My knowledge of their pop culture doesn’t make me a better teacher.  In fact, I wonder if I should know about their pop culture at all.  Perhaps this deserves a longer blog post and more thinking.

“What Will You Do When Your Doctorate Is Done?” — one of the questions I receive most often is what students can do with their English degrees if they don’t want to teach.  While this article is geared at those finished doctorates, it can also work for those who just have a bachelor’s degree.

“Productivity or Sexism?” — Not that we need more evidence that sexism is still alive and well in higher education, but this article shows women who have the same level of research productivity as men who don’t get tenure at the same rates.  I was at least glad to see that English is doing much better than other disciplines.


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