Here are a few things you should know about me and the blog:

1.  The goal is to have a new post that I write every Monday morning.  I will update with shorter posts throughout the week, but that is when the new material will come out.

2.  I can only write from my limited perspective of the world of higher ed.  As such, you should know that I’m a full professor (tenured) at a primarily undergraduate university of 4500 students.  My focus will be on undergraduate education, and the only time I’ll talk about graduate-level work is when I talk about getting undergraduate students to that point.  Our university is also faith-based, which will probably show up from time to time, though I try to write for an audience that goes beyond that.  We are a teaching institution, so I won’t talk much about research, though I do some when I feel so inclined.  We place a premium on relationships with students, so I know my students fairly well, and they know me.

3.  My purpose here is never to attack students or point out their shortcomings in a mean manner.  I’ll try my best never to talk about students in a condescending manner.  My job as a professor is to try to teach students, and I rely on relationships with them to strengthen that teaching.  Making fun of them in a public setting is not conducive to education as I know it.

4.  The title of the blog comes from the idea that I want to speak honestly.  I don’t want to try to say what I think people want to hear about education, so I’ll try to write honestly about whatever subject it is I’m exploring.

Those are the basics for now.  I hope some of what I write is helpful, and I’m looking forward to writing and thinking about teaching, students, and everything related to higher education.


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